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Xiangyi Lu Donate

In memory of Dr. Xiangyi Lu

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On October 22, 2017, Xiangyi Lu, a co-author on the SnpEff and SnpSift papers, died of ovarian cancer after a three year struggle.

Douglas Ruden, Xiangyi's husband and senior author on the papers, has requested that a non-mandatory gift of at least $10 for using SnpEff or SnpSift be donated to WSU to honor Xiangyi Lu.

All gifts will go to a newly named fund, the "Xiangyi Lu Graduate Student Fellowship in Bioinformatics Fund." with the goal of raising $1 million, in order to permanently endow one graduate student research position in bioinformatics every year.

How to donate

  • Visit Wayne State University donation site
  • Choose the amount that you would like to donate
  • Click on the designation box and click on the option "Other"
  • In the next box, enter: IMO Dr. Xiangyi Lu
  • At the bottom of the page, click on "Give Now."

Donation page example: