Download & Install

Binary distributions are available for Linux and OS.X.

Download Linux Download OS.X


Uncompress the binary at your HOME directory

tar -xvzf path/to/bds_*.tgz 

Requirements: In order to run BigDataScript, you need Java 1.11.

Note: bds's directoy .bds is 'hidden', since the name starts with a dot. Add bds's directory to your PATH, by adding the following line to your .bashrc or .bash_profile

export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.bds

Mesos support (Optional): If you intend to use bds with mesos, you must install Mesos' native library in $HOME/.bds/lib. For example on a Mac that would be something like

cp /usr/local/Cellar/mesos/*/lib/libmesos.dylib $HOME/.bds/lib

Installing from source

The source code is available at GitHub, here we show how to compile and install.

Requirements: In order to complile BigDataScript, you need

  • Java version 11 or higher
  • Go version 1.0 or higher
  • Ant version 1.7 or higher

The source code is available on Github. Download the project as follows:

# Clone repository
$ git clone

Once you downloaded the project, you can install using the script:

# Run 'install script
cd BigDataScript

Then you should add bds to your PATH. Edit your .bashrc (or .bash_profile) and add the following lines

# BigDataScript
export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.bds/

Optional: If you have root access, you can do the following (to get bds available everywhere in your system)

su -
cd /usr/bin/
ln -s /home/your_user/.bds/bds


BigDataScript is open source.