This project is maintained by Pablo Cingolani Community: BigDataScript user's group


Acknowledgements and special thanks to (in order of appearance)

  • Hernan Gonzalez: Bug fixes.
  • Fernando Garcia Sanz (FGS): Writing a nice introduction, feedback and beta testing.
  • Kyle Hernandez: Create the BigDataScript group
  • Jin Lee: Several bug fixes, HTML progress report, improved 'help' commnand options, optional checkpoints, configurable tail size, optional full command when reporting tasks, improved HTML reports, etc.

Bug reports

Please send any bug reports using GitHub

Important: Try BigDataScript's latest version. BigDataScript is updated often, may be the bug has already been corrected.

Note: A bug report should include at least

  • An explanation of the bug condition
  • BigDataScript version and sub-version numbers you are using
  • A minimal bug-demonstrating test case (i.e. a bds source file that clearly shows the bug condition).

IMPORTANT: The example should be minimal and self contained. This means that:

  • There should be only a few lines of code specifically showing the problem (please do not send hundreds of lines of code or your complete pipeline).
  • No additional packages should be required to run your example (e.g. I should not need to install programs on my computer to run your example).
  • No additional data should be required to run your example (e.g. I should not need you to send me 10TB data files to run the script).
  • Full command line used to run the script
  • Additional conditions for the bug to occur (e.g. additional config lines)

Asking for help

You can ask question to the [BigDataScript user's group

A few guidelines when asking for help:

  • Read the documentation first. Please make sure you've read the documentation before asking fo help. I know this is obvious, but ...
  • Be polite. Again, it may be obvious, but ...
  • If I don't get back to you... Do remind me if I don't get back to you within a few days. Sometimes I'm swamped with work or just out of town, a polite reminder helps.